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Thanks I didn't build this website on my own.


Pieter Wuille
Pieter is a bitcoin core developer who has answered an endless number of my questions about how bitcoin works via the bitcoin stackexchange board. A significant amount of what I understand about Bitcoin today (especially the trickier parts) is thanks to Pieter.
Christian Decker
Motivated me to use Neo4j as a graph database for the blockchain. Might not have thought it possible otherwise.
When posting on the Bitcoin subreddit, Luke has often been the only person to fully understand my question and give a conclusive reply.
Gregory Maxwell
Wonderfully helpful on IRC. Exacting replies, and profound use of the English language.
Wladimir J. van der Laan
Great technical knowledge and happily shares it on IRC. I also enjoy his username there.

Other notably helpful people include; Nate Eldredge, Nick O'Dell, Thomas Kerin, Christopher Gurnee, and theymos.

My favourite website for technical documentation on Bitcoin.
Some of the most intelligent and helpful people in the bitcoin community. My username is in3rsha.
The Royal Fork
Masterfully written technical articles explaining how key parts of bitcoin work.


Bitcoin Blackboard 101
Suprisingly good techincal videos by James D'Angelo. The elliptic curve cryptography ones were very helpful.
Quick reference for the bitcoin-cli commands. Has been regularly handy.
A clean bitcoin explorer. It's open source and just uses RPC calls (no database), so you can run it to browse your local node easily.
Kyle H
A bunch of lessons/videos for getting started with using Bitcoin on websites. Found his website after stumbling across his lovely bitcoin websocket video.
Mastering Bitcoin
Useful technical book.



Desktop Environment

  • i3 - My default desktop environment. Fun to customize and allows me to work quickly.


  • Emacs - Still getting the hang of it. I'm sure it will pay off 10 years from now.
  • Vim - Excellent for quick edits. Why "Vim vs. Emacs" if you can have both?
  • Atom - So good. Currently my main editor until I get better at Emacs.


  • Inkscape - I use this for making SVG diagrams. The professionalism of my drawings is not a reflection of the program itself.
  • Mercurial - Started using this before I learnt Git. I don't really use version control much outside of undo-ing hideous coding expeditions, so it does the job.




  • Randy Ray - Taught me how to write.
  • Matthew Baldock - Met Matthew at Coinfest UK 2016. He runs workshops teaching people how Bitcoin works and how to use it safely, and it's all done in plain English. 08 April 2016
  • Fritz - Met Fritz at Blockchain Amsterdam 2016. Has a focus on renewable energy, but has interests that span a number of fields, including AI and blockchain technology. Also bought me a beer. 12 June 2016

Hey there, it's Greg.

I'll let you know about cool website updates, or if something seriously interesting happens in bitcoin.

Don't worry, it doesn't happen very often.