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Here's a full list of all the web-based bitcoin tools available on this site.

This is a toolbox for bitcoin programmers.

Never enter your actual private key or seed in to a website. This is the easiest way to get your bitcoins stolen.


Tools for working with raw block data.


Tools for working with raw transaction data.

Keys & Addresses

Tools for generating, constructing, and converting raw bitcoin keys and addresses.

HD Wallets

Tools for generating seeds and addresses for use in HD wallets.

Hash Functions

The hash functions used in Bitcoin.


Tools for working with elliptic curve mathematics and signatures.


Tools for decoding and converting bytes found in raw transactions and blocks.


Basic tools for understanding bits and bytes. Mostly educational and not particularly useful.


I built these tools using PHP and HTMX.

Every time you enter some data in to the tool, the data gets sent to my server, gets processed using a bitcoin library I've written in PHP, and reloads the form on the page with the results.

So everything you enter in to these tools gets sent to my server for processing. As such, you should avoid entering any sensitive data like your own personal private keys in to these tools (as it goes for any web-based bitcoin tool). I do not save any data you enter in to these tools, but you only have my word.

As you can imagine, these bitcoin web tools are designed for educational purposes. I've coded them to the best of my ability, and I use them regularly for working with raw bitcoin data myself, but I wouldn't recommend using them for critically important bitcoin programming work.

In other words, have fun, but don't blame me if something goes wrong.

If you find any problems with these tools or have any suggestions for improvement, please send me an email at gregabc@learnme­

If you're unlucky the tool you're using may process and return some data at the exact moment you've typed something new in. So if you want to be 100% confident about the results of your input, just hit Enter again.

Why PHP?

Because it's the language I know best.

These tools would run faster if I coded them in Javascript, but all of my own personal bitcoin library code is written in PHP, so I thought it would more reliable to use my PHP code in conjunction with HTMX to create these interactive online tools for Bitcoin.

So you may not get the instant-response (or client-side processing) that you would get from a Javascript-based web tool, but using PHP allows me to process the data confidently and give you the most reliable results I can.

Or in other words, the reason they're so slow is because I didn't want to rewrite all my PHP code in God forbidden Javascript.


Other Tools

Here are some other awesome online bitcoin tools that are better than mine: